Winter Solstice 2015 Celebration: Mantravani Kirtan Chanting Orchestra

Joyeux Noël!

Please join us for a festive evening of chants and sacred songs in the intimate setting of Bridge & Enrich, featuring the MantraVani Orchestra!


Singing Devotional & Ancient Sacred Songs and Chants, Original and Contemporary Music

Feel your heart expand and spirit soar at this Festival of Light and Joy as we all Sing in Resounding Joy! A non-traditional Vancouver tradition, the MantraVani Orchestra has been playing to sold out audiences for nearly 25 years.

This annual event beautifully combines music, colour and ritual to create a highlight of the season for many and a delightful discovery for first timers. As the musicians and singers draw us deeper into a universe of song and chant, there is a warm invitation for audience participation. The music touches the emotional heart with subtlety giving fresh meaning to the ordinary and spiritual experiences of our lives.

MantraVani Orchestra

Jerry DesVoignes – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Flute

Elios Rota – Keyboards, Accordians, Guitars, Vocals

Shawn Soucy – Vocals, Percussion, Flute

Saturday, December 19th

Doors Open at 7:30pm

Tickets are available at the door ($30)

Please arrive early as this intimate setting will hold only 150 guests!

More information to come:

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