Vertical Time Zones: Nithyananda Webinar

Date: Saturday, September 7th

Time: 7:00pm PDT (note: the time listed on the image below is for the Eastern time zone)

Mind Blowing Webinar on the Nature of Reality, Time, Matter, Cosmology, and Consciousness

By His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Wake up to a different Time Zone, not in the other part of the World but another world itself!

Did you know that you exist simultaneously in 14 dimensions of the universe?

While the real YOU (pure Consciousness) is unchanging and exists everywhere, you experience yourself and life differently in the 14 different planes of our universe!

Catch the extreme truths of Vertical Reality and take a tour of yourself as you exist in the vertical time zones of the Universe in this breakthrough webinar straight from the Source.

Watch this free live webinar as His Divine Holiness expounds on reality and what HDH calls “vertical time zones” and other planes of Existence.


✶ Different Lokas (plane of existence) in the Universe

✶ How your infinite being is capable of perceiving and operating across all the planes of existence simultaneously

✶ How you can relate with Gods and Goddesses across these different planes

✶ How you can get a glimpse of super-consciousness while living a so called “ordinary” life wherever you are.


Featuring a live online initiation “Paramashivoham” from His Divine Holiness, the traditional transmission of Shaktipat from a Master to the sincere seeker.

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