UNIFY World Spirit Day

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Sunday, December 21st is World Spirit Day, a day of globally synchronised meditation.

This winter solstice we come together in reverence and celebration of spirit in all its forms. Join us as we synchronize with thousands of meditators around the world to kick the octave of this planet up once again!

World Spirit Day at BE is an All-Day Event

Doors open at Noon.

Opening ceremony is at 1:00pm.

At 3:03pm we'll tap in with the whole planet and anchor the next octave of our collective evolution. This meditation will be half an hour long with music.

The evening will also include an intentional dance journey on the theme of empathy that will flow into some of our favourite local DJ's and artists.

We look forward to joining in celebration and meditation with you all!

For More Information

Please visit the UNIFY: World Spirit Day Facebook page, Twitter profile or Unify.org!

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