Special Gong Bath Celebration


Date & Time: January 3rd, Wednesday, 6pm-8pm

Location: Bridge and Enrich Community Centre, 718 East 20th (Fraser and 20th)

Investment: $10 suggested donation

Come and celebrate joyously in the vibration of 2018. 2018 is the number 11 in kundalini yoga numerology: "The universe and I are ONE". Join us as we say goodbye to separation and welcome the unity with powerful group consciousness. Let’s consciously release the old and plant seeds of our dreams. Relax to the vibration and sound of the gong bath with Soraya for 62 minutes, shake off some old habits that no longer serve you, through dance, pranayamas and meditation. Rebalance your chakras, set new intentions, invite some positivity, creativity, clarity and direction.

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