Kirtan (Community Jamming) Naad Sonic Mystics

Sunday, March 29th – Naad: Sonic Mystics

Naad is excited to return to the amazing space at Bridge & Enrich Lives Society for another musical journey! Join us for an evening of healing and connection through music, poetry and sacred verse sourced from many spiritual traditions of the world.

Optional Pre-Journey Talk: 6:00–7:00pm

We will explore the relationship between consciousness, creativity and healing, and how we are a single body of humanity that is connected to an acoustic field of vibration. We will draw upon the universal message of tolerance and unity shared by the Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan, whose teachings on the mysticism of sound and music are being verified by modern science as a pathway to personal and collective healing. We will also explore the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz as gateways to the heart and as guides to understanding this world behind the world, and how the love spoken of by these Mystics is an essential ingredient to both inner and outer change.


We begin this evening of live music, spontaneously improvised on exotic instruments. This month's offerings include the presence of these fine artists:

    • Zamir Dhanji
    • Greg Valou
    • David Yates
    • Vi An Diep
    • Ingrid Cheung
    • AND SPECIAL GUEST: Meghan Engel
We hope to see you at this special evening as we take you on a journey that will open your heart, move your body and still your mind.

Date: Sunday, March 29th

Times: Doors at 6:00pm (Pre-journey discussion); Show at 7:30pm

Suggested Offering: $10-$20 to support the space and the artists

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