Dare to Dream: Kung Fu and the Art of Tea

Kung Fu and the Art of Tea (weaving in confidence and finding strength in yourself)

The mastery of the world around us is only possible with the mastery of the world inside of us. This concept is a keystone ideology in today's explorations of confidence, belief and self-reflection through the lenses of ancient China. We'll be watching "Journey to the West", a light-hearted martial arts classic about a monk who uses the power of his heart, and not his fists, to cleanse the land of demons; and the power that comes with following your path with dedication. Next, Kung-fu master's Phong and Patricia will be leading you in a short, interactive lesson on Kung-fu and it's philosophy, as well as the ancient and varied art of tea. Be sure to come out and open your mind to the east for your journey to the west!

We have invited Buckman Coe to Join us, and the amazing Vi-An Diep will share with us one of the coolest ancient chinese instruments ever!

Time: 5:00pm–9:00pm

Cost: $10-$15

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