Celebrating a Teen Journey Send Off for Shaquille


Join us on this afternoon (2:00pm–5:00pm) to support the final Teen Journey of Shaquille Dhanji, a youth leader from the Teen Journey organization who is doing a trip to close his Teen years. This is a self-directed rite of passage, and his family, friends, and anyone who is drawn to learn about this young man and his journey are invited to partake in an afternoon of festivities.

Entrance: Asking for a recommended 20$ donation to help Shaquille reach his goal, but whatever you can afford is always enough.

Food/drinks: Yes to both! There will be both food and Chai available at the venue.

Music: Definitely a yes! Shaquille is a world-class beatboxer, and he will be presenting a special performance on this day. There will also be a lineup of performances happening, so if you have an instrument you want to jam with be sure to bring it for a jam session later on, though be careful as it might rain that day.

There will be a special performance by local artist Rick Buckman Coe: www.buckmancoe.com.

To learn more about Teen Journey, please visit: www.teenjourney.org.

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