Intermediate Classical Hatha Sivananda Yoga Class

Intermediate Classical Hatha Sivananda Yoga Class

Day: Thursdays (2019 Session Begins January 10th)

Time: 5:15pm–6:45pm

To Attend: Be sure to check our Schedule to book your spot and get the up-to-date class notices (as classes may be cancelled due to holiday or extenuating circumstances)

Vancouver Classes Cost: $120 for 10 class pass or $14 drop-in classes (free parking) – please book your spot on our Weekly Schedule

Instructor: Alison Bell

Join our 90-minute Classical Hatha yoga classes!

After the opening mantra, enjoy breathing pranayama exercises for a few minutes. A few energizing rounds of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) will prepare and warm you up. Experience our traditional 12-Asana series with variations. Short relaxations between postures contribute to absorb all the benefits. Class ends with a 15 minute final relaxation followed by closing mantra.

This yoga class is energizing and relaxing.

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