BE YOUTH Weekly Program-on Hiatus

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Day: Fridays (1st session ended April 8th – restart date TBD)

Time: 5:45pm–7:45pm

Suggested Contribution: $10-15 per class


Inspired by Ancient, Contemporary and Indigenous wisdom practices inlcuding enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda's New Gen Program for Youth the BE YOUTH program is here to enrich with tools that point the way to BEing and BEcoming BOLD ENLIGHTENED COURAGEOUS YOUTH.
Today’s modern youth is facing an urgent crisis like never before in the world history. For the first time, we have the largest generation of young people on the planet. If you are one among the 1.8 billion young people, know that your aspirations, passions, and decisions matter to your society’s and the world’s peace, joy and consciousness. Your depression, your failures, your confusions cost too much to the planet. Know that the answers to your challenges limiting your real potential, are within you. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Gaming, Snowboarding, Raving – All these activities are enjoyable because they bring you into a state of flow, experiencing just BEing in the present. There is a deep state of flow that you can access through the ancient art of breathwork, kriyas, and the magical vibrations of Vedic chanting, the joy of being told a story to exploring your inner space and expressing spontaneously in a shared circle.

Nourished and cherished with saatvik vegetarian snacks and drinks, you will experience an opening of your body, mind and heart to new possibilities and dimensions in consciousness, connecting to the deeper truth of who you are. Learn to become established in this space and say YES to life, no matter what happening flows your way.

"Learning to be yourself is what we're told to do all the time, but what does that actually mean? How can I actually be myself without fearing judgement, or run towards my dreams and passions without any hesitation or obstacles? The answers to these questions don't come easily to most people, and those who truly want to find out find out anything either experiment on their own or find a teacher. And so here they are, the teachers that are willing to search their collective human experience and make their own inspirations and life skills accessible to you. What you'll give up is your ignorance, and with that comes the responsibility of knowing the ripples across the world each action and intention you have, but what you get in return is the ability to experience the power of being fully present in each moment and decision and allowing yourself to take responsibility for who you become." - Shaquille Dhanji, 19 yrs old, UBC Student

To Attend

If you want this profound experience and be able to share it with others in a safe space, you are welcome to come to this gathering. There will also be music, storytelling and a “share-circle”. You only have to participate as much as you feel like.

Cost: By donation

What to bring: An open mind

Sign Up: Please RSVP to with the subject line "YES to BE Youth"

Your Facilitators

Zamir Dhanji

Zamir 1

Zamir Dhanji is an interdisciplinary artist and community catalyst, with a B.A. from New York University concentrated on Spiritual Economics. He's served as a program director for the Teen Journey Society, worked with in non-profits in the areas of social justice, education and sustainability, and the founder of Akasha Arts to further his mission of evolving tradition through the arts. At 31, Zamir continues to draw upon music, storytelling and poetry infuse his work and his mission to create the more beautiful world his heart knows is possible.

Nadaka, Gopika & Keshava (Swahamsa Family)


"We have combined our talents to create music that communicates a sense of peace and stillness to our audience. Drawing inspiration from the soul of India that we cherish in our hearts, we make music which carries tradition to a new dimension. In a sense this simply reflects our experience of the deeper aspects of sound and vibration that surround us all."

They will introduce us to Vedic Chanting accompanied by Tabla and sound and rhythm that will transport us to the dimension of "no mind."!raga-mantra-video/c1zy9

Ma Sindoori

Profile FB Jan2015

A director of Bridge & Enrich and initiated as Acharya and Healer by enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda in the Vedic tradition. She will be present to support explorations of our inner space from the perspective of Swamiji's Science of Completion, Sampoorthi , introduce Swamiji's NewGen Program including Kriyas and Vaakyartha Sadhas (Spiritual debate), and will ensure we are all well nourished and hydrated through the Saatvik offerings of the BE Blissful Kitchen!


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