BE Kirtan & Satsang: Universal Kirtan

Universal Kirtan 2

What makes it a "universal" Kirtan?

Songs, chants, poetry, zikr and attunement to all of our planet's spiritual traditions, invoking the One found in the Many.

When: 8:00 pm, Saturday February 4th

Where: Bridge & Enrich, 718 East 20th (Fraser & 20th, parking in designated stalls)

In a world where love, harmony & beauty are often clouded over with darkness and disharmony, every act of kindness, subtlety, generosity and selfless service is a way to make the everpresent Light shine through. Come sing with us at our next Universal Kirtan, and we will all bring our light to humanity's needs.

This month's Kirtan falls on the eve of the Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who first brought the Sufi tradition to the West in the early 1900's and did so in an approach which honoured all religions and nature. We continue his universal message of love, harmony & beauty with our Kirtan and classes.

We will also raise money, as always, for one of our charities (which are chosen for their low-overhead, universal approach to service, with a special eye to the neeeds of women & children). This month all proceeds go to Plan International. All of our fantastic musicians volunteer their talents to help this cause, and they inspire us all!

$20 is our recommended donation at the front door, but any amount you can give is appreciated and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Please bring your friends and introduce them to Vancouver's longest running Kirtan group, and the beauty of singing from all paths and traditions.

Learn more about Caravan of the Heart, Vancouver's centre for The Inayati Order here.

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