BE Kirtan & Satsang: w/Raamayan & Sacr3d & Guests

Join BE and Sacr3d Sunday night as we dance, pray and sing in remembrance that we are creators of reality of which self and other is a reflection. Here we come into Kirtan, ecstatic dance and letting go of the mind to enter the cosmic bliss of unity with the Beloved...

This will be an evening you won't want to miss! The whole Vancouver tribe is coming out!

Date: Sunday, October 1st

Time: Doors at 7:00pm, Kirtan begins at 7:30pm

Get a Taste of Sacr3d's previous Kirtan at BE

Sacr3d – Devotional Dance Music

The Devotion Experience is BACK on October 1st at our temple space, B&E!

After coming off a 6 festival tour ending at Bhakti Fest, Sacr3d is full of light and Bhakti Energy to bring back to our home tribe in Vancouver..

As the summer turns to fall, and our energy begins to turn inward again into integration, we come together in meditation, prayer and kirtan... in ecstatic devotional dance and music!

This is your time to receive; to take in the experiences of your summer and let go of all that doesn't serve.. to sing your heart into the space and dance your devotion into the earth.

For this devotion experience, the ever evolving lineup is:

Satsang, Breath, Meditation, Kirtan : 7:30

Kitronica: 9:00

Shivasana: 10:30

Cleanup 11:00

About Sacr3d

Sacr3d is a devotional fusion kirtan band, bridging the worlds of Sanskrit Mantras and Bhakti Yoga with Reggae, Soul and Hip Hop. Having just finished producing their upcoming album "Vibrations", with Adham Shaikh, Sacr3d will be bringing these elements to you LIVE.

Raamayan Ananda is a poet and the founder of the Sacr3d Band. He will be leading and facilitating the Devotion Experience, and weaving together the Satsang, Yoga and Kirtan with poetry, storytelling and guided meditations.

KA LA is a neo soul R&B singer and a devotee with a sweet voice and a deep love who will be the sharing verses of devotion and singing harmonies of Mantras

Adam Johnson is an amazing producer and the founder of Sonic Root Audio, and was the principle producer of Sacr3d's new album "vibrations". He will help hold the guitar groove down and set up the electronic dance segment.

Jeff Childz is a master of many crafts, and will be joining to lay down the low end grooves of the Bass, as well as Didj, Backup Vocals and Cajon!

Safiya Carroll-Labelle has been playing violin since she was 6, and will bring her virtuoso talent to play with Sacr3d and add her voice into the beautiful soundscape.

+ MORE Artists to be announced soon!

Tickets are going for $28-$38

If you don't have the funds to come, write to us to become a volunteer! We want no-one turned away

We need 4-6 helpers for setup and cleanup and beautification of the space! If you have an offering for the evening, please PM Raamayan Ananda who will take it from there.

Bhakti Chef Kala from @Conscious Food Creations presents a mouth watering menu for this Sunday's event.

Conscious Food Creations is a plant based catering company with menu to die for available year round! Kala has carefully curated this custom menu to tie into joyful experience. This lovely snack or meal will keep you refreshed, energized and ready to get into the groove!

baked yam & potato swirls with tomato chutney (V)

Quinoa salad with crisp greens and fresh seasonal veggies ( V, GF)

Coconut lemon cake squares (V)

Spiced Rooibos Chai (V,GF)

Look forward to being in the BHAVA with all of you!

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