Contributing to BE

There are many ways to join the Bridge & Enrich Community!

BE is founded on the principle of “dana”, the treasure of generosity. This spiritual principle emphasizes the experience of interconnectedness, opening up to the idea that giving is receiving! Simply stated, “Pay as you can”. Your contributions are received with deep gratitude.

Take a Class or Attend a Workshop

You can check out our Weekly Schedule and Special Events Calendar to see what upcoming classes or workshops you would like to attend.

As we are a non-profit society, all movement classes (Yoga, Dance and Tai Chi) are “pay as you can” with a suggested contribution $7.00 for a one hour class or $10.00 for an hour an a half. These contributions help sustain Bridge & Enrich by covering operating costs and, thus, directly enrich the BE community and all connected with it.

Monday retreats, meditations, Kirtan and the daily videos are also by “dana”.

How to Make a Contribution: If you wish to make your contribution by cheque, cash or credit, you can do see at Bridge & Enrich. For debit or email transfers, please send your donation to The fees of the workshops and other special events are dependent on the length and extensiveness of each event and will be listed on the individual special event pages.

Become a Member

Membership to the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society is a suggested contribution of $7.00/month, or $80.00 annually. 

To become a member of the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society please fill out this easy PDF form and bring it, along with your membership contribution, along on your next visit.

If you are interested in leading a workshop or are already a BE Pracitioner, please visit our Instructors and Practitioners page.

Visit our Fundraising Galleria

An important part of bridging divides and enriching lives is giving back to your community. Come and visit our Fundraising Galleria to support local artists, causes and other non-profit ventures.

Volunteer at BE

Contribution of your time towards the BE mandate is deeply appreciated. From welcoming and assisting members and guests to participating in the kitchen towards running the BE Food Program, or helping with the daily cleaning requirements, the work opportunities are numerous.

Volunteering at an opportunity to practice the stewardship of a sacred space in service of self and others. B.E. exists to serve, and we can express gratitude for this service through maintaining the infrastructure and participating in the many avenues of expression that this space supports. A metaphor that we like is of the Goddess Kwan Yin, who’s thousand hands work to serve all sentient beings with mercy and compassion. All of us together make up the thousand arms of Kwan Yin, and through our service we become extensions of this compassionate service, enriching everyone and everything that crosses our path. This is the intention of BE, and we are grateful for hand that you lend to manifest its highest potential of service and beauty.

Please read about the opportunities to volunteer below. If you are interested in supporting any of these areas at any time, please send an email to with a brief line indicating your interest. This way we can follow up with you!

Here are some areas asking for support:


Support Before or After Kirtan

Kirtan nights are a great place to volunteer. This is the night that we get to gather and close the week in a celebration of food, music, community connection and just being. It is a perfect opportunity to learn the many aspects of BE, as both the kitchen, main room and stage are all utilized and need to be supported.

Kitchen Annadana Class – Our intent is to serve sattvic, vegetarian food during the Kirtan nights. The Kitchen Annadana class is an opportunity for you to learn how to make simple Indian food and receive the joy of nourishing all who come to the Kirtan that evening. For a small donation, you can help to support this sacred practice of Annadana.

You will learn things like: Making Chapati, Preparing Daal and Sambar, Making Ayurvedic chai

General Volunteering for setup and cleanup before and after Kirtan – This is a simple but very important part of the Kirtan evening. It involves setting up, taking down, operating the door and doing rounds with dishes. This is a great way to serve the community, and is essential to keeping the Kirtan nights flowing with grace and ease.


Support During Weekend Workshops

Another good opportunity for you to support B.E. is to volunteer during our weekend workshops. This could various aspects of welcoming participants from ensuring toilet paper is abundant to setting up and putting away chairs and seating, ensuring that Chai is available, cups are circulated, and that any other needs that arise are attended to for the workshop to ensue seamlessly. Volunteering for the workshop does not mean that you will be a participant (although sometimes this is the case, we want our volunteers to come and be willing to serve regardless of whether they are participating). You are welcome to bring a computer and use the workstation throughout the day, and be a loving presence and representative of B.E.


Monday “Deep” Cleaning – 10 am-Noon

Monday morning is a time where we do a “deep clean” of the space. The zen attitude of mind expressing gratitude is practiced. This is our opportunity to give it a fresh start for the week and attend to some of the places and details that are not usually covered on a daily basis. Your support during this time is really valued.


Outside Garden for Spring

Spring is here and BE wants to create an more of an edible food garden. If you have experience with gardening and want to be involved with this this, please send us an email with the subject line “Gardening Volunteer” to share your interest and experience, Once we have this list going, we will call a meeting and then open it out to the larger community once a date is picked.


More information to Come!

Connect Online

For more information, please contact us directly or reach out on Facebook and Twitter.