Julie Blue: Song Circle Leader

Julie will be bringing her Radiant Heart Circle to Bridge & Enrich!

Julie, in her own words

I am a humble human who, like my totem animal the dolphin, likes to bring joy and play. I am a spiritual seeker, a mother, composer, pianist, recording artist and singer.

www.julieblue.com (this site is being completely changed and updated)

For 30 years I have offered a safe and sacred space to others so that they are connected in community to liberate their voices. This has taken the form of Healing Sound courses, Songwriting and Performance groups for adults and for youth and, for 25 years, a big community choir that anyone could join called Singspiration Singers (singspiration.blue). Last year this changed to an audition ensemble.

Here are a couple of chants for you from my ‘Chants For Life’ series:


Please enjoy.

I have opened for people like Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsh and Eckhart Tolle and have taken part in many community events like Living Vision with Kathy and Paul and events with Zamir Dhanji. 

Julie’s Bio

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. She founded Singspiration Trainings in 1990, offering programs in sound healing, songwriting & performance, and the Singspiration Singers 75-voice community choir.

Julie received the 2015 YWCA women of Distinction Award and has shared the stage with luminaries Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsh.

She has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of people liberate their voices and express themselves with song.

Blue has heard music in her head since she was a child, which combined with a life-long study of music, spiritual growth, and how to navigate life as an empath, has made her into a musical soul whisperer who shares her teachings and music with vulnerability, humor and heart.

Julie is passionate about inspiring women to liberate their authentic creative voices and find more confidence, peace, and joy through song, chant, ritual and being part of a dynamic supportive community.

“A place where I can feel free.
Where troubles melt away into harmony.
Where faces light up
when I walk in the room,
There’s joy in the circle,
circle of song”.

Julie’s Message

It has taken me years to own my authentic voice— even when I was touring the world as a professional musician, composing for a wide range of films and leading a 75-voice empowerment choir – I often really struggled with the need for approval and was very hard on myself if I got something ’wrong’. Only by making a commitment to love myself as much as I love others and committing to a daily meditation/chant practice have I been able to make a sustainable shift of frequency. The songs, chants, and rituals that imbibe Radiant Heart Song Circle with life were born out of a profound longing for more joy, peace and freedom. I’m so grateful to be sharing this journey of chant, song and awakening with you.

I see you as already having a radiant heart because you know the value of kindness and compassion. I see you as already being a singer and invite you to trust me to skillfully and kindly, with a good dose of humor, give you the tools and coaching to let your singer become vividly real to you. I see you as a vibrant part of the circle and welcome you to join me on this awakening journey.