Danushka Galappathy: Spiritual Counsellor and Life Coach

Danushka is a Spiritual Counsellor/Life Coach who truly believes that the answers we search for can be found in our Inner Beings, and that the experiences we seek, and in which we participate, are ways of discovering our True Nature. With an understanding that we are each completely responsible for our own lives, Danushka strives to empower her clients to own their responsibility, and use it to create the lives they want to live! As a patient listener and a trustworthy guide, she provides a safe space for her clients to explore their deepest, truest Selves. With a formal education in the field of Psychology and years of experience in the health care field as a Mental Health Worker and Crisis Line Volunteer, Danushka has learned the ins and outs of the Mental Health Profession, and gained a deep insight into the workings of the human mind.  Since her passion for wellness extends beyond the reach of modern psychological study, Danushka has developed a strong connection with an Enlightened Guru, under whom she has leaned the secretes of Yoga and Meditation in India, which sparked the growth of her own Intuition exponentially. Now, she draws on all these inner wells to provide her clients with unique and life-changing sessions.  Whatever maybe your walk of life, Danushka  is here to support you in your transformation and self-discovery.

“I am committed to causing your reality. I am a Listener! I Love Listening; it gives me such Joy to Listen. I express God and Creativity in Listening. My role as a Spiritual Counsellor is to provide a space of pure Listening, a safety net where anyone can express their deepest Self without fear of judgment or ridicule. With me, you will find a place to discover yourself, and in that discovery, the answers you seek will simply reveal themselves to you. By expressing yourself to someone who is open and receptive, you will begin to awaken your sense of higher listening; you will tune in to the voice of your True Self. In the discovery of our True Selves, we begin to find the fulfillment we have yearned for in life. We discover that we are what we’ve been looking for! In knowing ourselves, we know Existence, and when we know Existence, and when we expand, all of Existence expands with us.  Come-let yourself experience the expansion.”

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Counselling Sessions with Danushka at The Tarot Room in Granville Island
105-1551 Johnston Street, Granville Island, Vancouver
For more information please call 604-354-8312